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" Claire is a very special teacher, she makes every lesson memorable!"

- Neil - Cello Student

Bows & Bridges was launched in October 2014, by string instrumental teacher and musician Claire Schiavone with support from The Princes Trust.


With over 20 years experience playing and performing cello, and 10 years on violin, Claire is one of Edinburgh's passionate and innovative music teachers.


Claire promotes FUN and INVENTIVE learning, with a CREATIVE teaching style. Lessons are tailored to suit each students aims and interests, and competitively priced as Claire believes Music Education should be available to every person, no matter of age, background or ability.


Whatever your music taste, Claire has experience in many styles including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Traditional, Folk and Pop.


LEARNING BY EAR and IMPROVISATION, are also key skills Claire uses to allow her students to flourish and develop as musicians.


Lessons are conducted in the infamous Music Room, which provides a comfortable learning environment with lots of inspiration.





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Claire's Profile...


Claire Schiavone is a cellist from Cowdenbeath, Fife and the founder of Bows & Bridges.


Claire began learning the cello at the age of 8, and imediately fell in love with the instrument. For as long as she can remember there has always been a cello by her side. Throughout Claire's school education, she participated in many of Beath High School's music ensembles and under the guidance of Richard Michael, began to pick up the tools of improvisation and learning to play by ear. Claire was also a member of Fife Youth String Orchestra, and Fife Youth Orchestra.


In 2006 Claire enrolled to study a Bachelor of Music Honours degree at Napier University. During her time there she discovered her natural flare for instrumental teaching. Claire also took part in the university Chamber Orchestra, and contributed her skills in improvisation by performing and recording with students on the Popular Music Honours course.






Bows & Bridges Launch 2014

The Violin

Inspired by her Grandad's love of traditional Scottish music, Claire decided to try out the violin and learn how to play fiddle. After picking up a few tunes by ear, she took private lessons, which focused her classical technique and embellished her traditional style.


Playing the violin presented an exciting challenge to Claire. Her vast understanding of string technique, continued dedication and devotion to music, allowed her to progess quickly.  Claire relished the opportunity to add violin to her teaching, and lessons are now in demand.

Building Bridges


The Cosmonauts - Alan Robertson, Claire Schiavone and Chris Bryce

Claire's love of improvised performance has propelled her to perform with numerous bands and songwriters. Pushing the boundaries, Claire regularly uses her electric cello when performing, and has toured the UK playing at various festivals and live music venues.


Claire has a keen interest in studio recording, and takes full advantage of everything her electric cello has to offer. She has recorded cello on many studio albums and singles by various artists in and around Edinburgh.


Playing alongside Alan Robertson and Chris Bryce. Claire is a member of Alternative/Indie Rock Band - The Cosmonauts. It's a colourful mix of soaring electric cellos, three part harmonies and driving rock music.  The Cosmonauts have released their second studio album - 1983 - available now. 

Parent and Student Testimonials...

Being a skilled musician is one thing but it's quite another to also be a skilled teacher. Luckily Claire possesses both of these qualities in abundance, which is so important for us students, as it means that that everything we need to know is taught in a really enjoyable and accessible way. Whilst she's always sure to direct our focus towards the type of practise she knows will allow us to progress quickly, she is also keenly aware that each student has their own personal tastes and preferred styles, and by taking this into account, ensures that lessons continue to be as fun as they are constructive.

Kirsty Campbell

You are a great teacher and its clear to see that you construct your lessons to suit the individual child. Rowan is new to the violin and has found it difficult at times but you have manged to keep her interest by being creative in your lessons and by tailoring the lessons to her interests. You also offer a lot of positive praise and know how to gently challenge her to move to the next level.

Inge McIlroy

You always give us fun and interesting homework. I really like when we play our music games too.

Poppy Daubenspeck

You are an assest to both myself and my daughter. Your passion, drive and perseverance are infectious, and have really given my daughter a new found confidence with her violin.

Christy Fritz

I'm quite new to the cello and needed a really good teacher. Claire has been very encouraging, patient and relaxed which has helped me to achieve way more than I thought I could within just a few months. I can't wait to progress further up the grades, and perform one of my favourite pieces: Pachabel's Canon.

Jenny Gibson

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